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Both parents and teachers will find "Angry: Helping Children Cope with Anger" very helpful. The amazing illustrations will immediately get the children's attention, and the fun story will lead them to a deep message that will stick with them and help them deal with any overwhelming situation. Full article @ NY Books Examiner
I have a background in Child Development and Education and Development and a Masters in Psychology, and I found these picture books to be quite remarkable. Full article @ Daily Muse Books
The books are simple, but to the point, with colourful and uncluttered illustrations. They have a "colouring book" feel to them but are great because they focus completely on the topic; there are no distractions. Full article @ Grade Wonderful
So, how do you help a child deal with anger, sadness, disappointment, or even happiness? Author and Mental Health Counselor Esther Adler brings to teachers and parents one of the best tools to use in these complex situations: The ColorFeeling™ series. Full article @ Top Books Worth Reading
The positive feedback I've been receiving from educators, parents and children. There is nothing more gratifying than to be pestered with, "When is the next book coming out already!" Full article @ TheWriteChris
It is a clever book that is written in a simple and straightforward manner. The book helps kids build a healthy awareness of their feelings and learn coping mechanisms. The illustrations are simple, bold and colorful, and support the book theme. Full article @ Children's Books Heal
Guaranteed to increase your child’s ability to express their feelings in a positive and healthy manner. Click to Preview or Buy at Amazon If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the book to Amazon within 30 days (7 days for Kindle) for a full refund. Questions? Click here