How To Use the ColorFeeling Series

These are general guidelines for parents, educators, therapists, and for anyone else using these books.

  1. These books were designed to be customized to the needs and ability of your child. Therefore, supplement the book with age-appropiate questions and gestures. This is especially useful for younger children. For example, in the Angry book, point to the Lion Cub and ask "What do you think made the lion feel angry?"
  2. Use the book to create a safe environment for your child to express their feelings.
  3. Take it slow. You do not have to finish the entire book in one sitting.
  4. These books are meant to be interactive. If you give your child time to think and respond without pressure, you will be amazed at your child's ability to express their emotions.
  5. The best time to read the book with your child is when they are relaxed.
  6. The best time for your child to fill out the worksheets is during the day, not before bedtime. This makes a great weekend or rainy day activity. You can print out additional copies of the worksheet here. For younger children, work on the worksheets together. For older children, review the worksheets together once they're finished.
  7. When your child expresses how they are feeling, give them positive encouragement. If possible, tie it back to the animal character's action from a book that you read.
  8. When you finish a book, ask your child which book they want to read next. Make this an exciting event. The more your child anicipates the next book, the more interested he or she will be when you read it.
  9. These books should be used as often as needed to reinforce healthly and positive expression of feelings.
Disclaimer: The ColorFeeling books do not provide mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. They are for educational use only. If you have questions or concerns about a child's mental health, please speak to a qualified mental health provider without delay.
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